By way of introduction, I’ve sold steel to Kuwait, bricks to Britain, pollarding to local folk, pension plans to expats, flash cars to the rich and rich chocolate to the rest of us, and that’s just for starters.

But what can I do for you?

For agencies – advertising, design and PR
I can take up the slack, provide new angles for old briefs, creative ideas and words for new briefs, fill in for absentees or join in whenever the work load gets overwhelming – for an affordable hourly rate, project fee or retained agreement.

Local businesses
I do much for direct clients, working with freelance designers and web techs as and when required to refresh, re-angle or originate advertising and PR – from a simple sales letter to a complete campaign, across all media and markets.

Why use me?
My core skill is translating complex propositions into simplified, motivational communications. And I’ve experience – some thirty years – in advertising and PR both agency and client-side. I work quickly, cleanly and efficiently to produce work that really can make a difference.

Distance, as they say, is no object. I copywrite for local agencies and high street businesses, national companies and even for clients abroad. I’m within easy commuting distance of Birmingham (based in North Worcestershire) but if you’re further afield, email and phone work fine.

What next…
I take no credit for the copywriting I do – I really am a ghost writer – and thus much that I’ve created over my freelance years has been copysheet based. Reflecting this, I have a current words-only portfolio that I’d be delighted to take you through. A second, historical portfolio containing printed work examples is also available to view.

The next step? Call 07887 800052 or email copy@julian-williams.co.uk