Advertising & Design Agencies

I’ve written across all markets (with an accent on business-to-business) and for clients of all sizes, producing campaign concepts, headlines, straplines and copy for web, print, and press.

Over the years I’ve also written many A/V scripts, speeches and radio commercials – and I’m good to go on longer copy jobs too.

To see how I can meet your deadlines with the quality of thinking and writing your clients demand, why not take advantage of one of the incentives below.


Some advantageous IFs

IF this is the first time we’ve met, I’m willing to do a one-off copy test on a “only pay if it’s used” basis to reassure you I can do what I say.

IF you’d like to employ me, retained or full time, I can spend a day with you at my own expense to make sure we’re both compatible.

IF you’re working on a pitch I can pitch in at reduced rates or a deferred payment subject to the successful outcome of that pitch (no win no fee, to coin a phrase).

IF you’re not local – and the chances are you won’t be – let’s do a project on a trial basis to prove how effectively we can work together via phone and email.


Tempted? I look forward to discussing a project or two with you soon.